Monday, July 14, 2008

Gunzbug - Praha

We have made it to Prague after a wet exit from the Gunsburg race. While the first day didn't quite go as well as had liked, the team did pick up a trophy for their Team exploits. Haley placed second both days, and Matt and Max each picked up a third place trophy on the second day. Not a bad haul for the weekend.

The race was small for Germany, only 130 competitors. The course got increasingly difficult, helped along by two days of solid rain. By the end of the second day, when the littlest kids had to paddle, the river was swollen, so the eddies were disappearing, the bottom hole was eating kids right and left, and the mud had creeped up past our knees.

We made it to Prague last night and got to eat breakfast with the other Canadian Juniors this morning. They are headed off to Roudenice today for their final preparations for the Worlds. Good luck to them all! We will remain in Prague till Friday, training and sight seeing, before we go to Brno this weekend for a race. We'll keep you updated with our adventures.

Tight weave
Medal winning form day 1 - 3rd Team, Haley 2nd (both days), Matt 3rd, Max 3rd

Czech - Land of the big Eagle

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