Friday, July 11, 2008


The Gang!

Keep those rims clean.
The fence in Dachau...

Well it's not much of a journey, about 60km from Augsburg. We would have stayed in Augsburg and commuted for the weekend of races but the BLZ was full this weekend. We found the course the classic way. Drive, find water, follow it up and down to find gates.


The Club here is actually pretty sweet. In typical German fashion they have a big clubhouse, nice green lawns, flatwater gates and a small ww course. We're hoping for some rain to augment the water, but none the less there should be about 120 paddlers this weekend.


Marissa said...

Is that little guy in the back Matt? Where is his hair?

Connor said...

I love how you guys went all the way to Germany for that drainage ditch and we are rocking one of the best whitewater courses in the world right here in Wausau!!

Ha! Just kidding of course. Hope you guys are doing Canada proud over there!

Coin said...

I had to look twice to recognize Matt - did he lose a bet??

Have fun and enjoy the experience. We'll see you soon in Collingwood, ON. Uncle Bob.