Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Penguin Race - wrap-up

Congratulations to all that participated in the 4th annual Penguin Race! When I started this race 4years ago I had no idea it would take on a life of it's own. We have been increadibly fortunate with the weather, water and great people!

This year's race was no exception! Perfect sunny day, lots of great volunteers, helping to set up, run the race, and feed us all. I was impressed by everyone's skills on the water, so early in the season, and appreciative of the older athlete's help with the kids! We had 30 competitor plus lots of parents and I think we set a record for most Penguin costumes this year too. If anyone has any good photos, you can post them on FB and tag Alberta Slalom Canoe Kayak, or email me.

Thank you to Rick Harland, and Brian Keating and the Calgary Zoo for the zoo tickets! Thank you to Aquabatics for the swag! Thanks to all the people who collect penguin paraphenalia and other prizes all year round! Thank you to all the volunteers who made the race go smooth and fed us!

See you all this weekend at the first Alberta Cup in Pincher Creek! There's going to be a big burger feast on Saturday night.

Here's the Penguin Race results. 

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