Monday, December 14, 2009

Sundre Pool Session and Training Day

Saturday we left Calgary bright and early (well not so bright at 6:30), and drove through a typical winter storm to Sundre for the day. Even with three boats and two ergs, the van seemed empty, but drove well even on snowy roads.

By 8am we had 10 kids zooming around the gates, in the pool, being coached by Jim, AJ and myself. Stroke drills made way for gate drills, and then some timed runs on either a 4 gate course or the Standard Figure 8 course. Ryley, Lissy, Levi, AJ and Hayden, all challenged 10m figure 8 test to see how they stood up against the best in Canada. Pretty well.

Following lunch at Subway, we did a little training seminar on the Energy Systems, complete with real, painful, examples. See the summary here.

The day was completed in the gym doing circuits and core. It was great to see so many kids under 15 training, learning, and having fun. The quality of the kids, coaches, and club in Sundre makes me optomistic about the future of our sport. Without having see what all the Zones have to offer, I suggest the Sundre zone is going to be one of the top at Alberta Summer Games in July.

Thank you Jim and Sue for organizing a great day. If any other club wants to organize a slalom training day, feel free to contact me.

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