Wednesday, November 18, 2009

National Coaching Institute - Diploma and Level 4

I have recently be accepted into the Diploma Program at the National Coaching Institute at the Canadian Sport Centre in Calgary. This will give a vocational Coaching diploma on top of my BSC - Kinesiology, plus it will certify me as a Level 4 NCCP coach.

At the NCI we learn all the bits and pieces that go into high level sports in Canada. There are 13 tasks, or courses to take to complete to the two year program. Each task is about 20hrs of class time plus a paper or report. As I go through the process I will update you on the tasks I have taken and try and relay relevant information to you on a consistent basis. The first two tasks I have started are 'Energy Systems' and 'Canadian Sport System'. Stay tuned for more information on these first two tasks.


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