Friday, June 5, 2009

Directions to Alberta Cup # 2

Take the second overpass(exit 368 I think) in to Innisfail. After you
loop back over the highway, merge right so you can turn right(north),
at the first set of lights(turn north on to HWY 2A). Head north on
hwy 2A for about 2 miles. You will see a big green grain elevator
with "NIOBE" on the west side of 2A. Turn left(west) just after the
elevator. Head one mile west to the next major road labeled "C&E
trail" on those little blue corner sings. Turn right(north) on the
C&E trail, which winds a bit, until TWP RD 364(township) and turn
left(west). Just before the township road there will be an elk farm
to the west with bird houses on the top of all the fence posts, then a
big pond on the left as well. After turning west on TWP RD 364 head
west all the way to the end of the TWP RD where it will curve sharply
to the left(south). Just after it turns south, turn right(west) down
on to the private road that leads to our site. Our site is all the
way down at the end of the road.

On the google it calls the C&E trail RR 283B, RR 283A and 50th Ave
(which it turns in to in Innisfail).

And if all else fails, here are the GPS coordinates of our site :
52.106317, -113.989463

I know it sounds kinda crazy, and yes, it is in the middle of nowhere,
but the map should help, and we are planning on having signs,

Looking forward to seeing you there,


Driving Directions

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