Monday, June 22, 2009

Alberta Cup #2

The annual Cottonwood race was as usual a great event. The new club site north of Innisfail is ideal for club training. A giant boat storage bin, warm tent and fireplace make this an ideal site for introducing kids to slalom kayak.

On this weekend the two most important things ended up being the tent and heater as the skies opened up after the novice race and deluged us with rain, snow and hail! Great event though and thanks to the Cottonwood Club for putting on a successful event.

Below is the Alberta Provincial Team after two races. Provincial Team Criteria

Jessica Groeneveld
Marissa Dederer
Haley Daniels
Paul Manning-Hunter
Chris McTaggart
Ben Hayward
Connor Curson
Toby Roessingh
Graham Jobe
Idan Wolach
Vince Osborne
Mike Holroyd
Hayden Daniels

David Manning
Greg Hunter
Levi Severtson
Jesse Gillies
Adrian Cole
Mathew Frank
Chuck Lee
James Waldie



Need skills signed off: (talk to your coach)
Ashley C1

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