Monday, May 4, 2009

Penguin Race results

eat Race! 20degrees, sunny, no wind. Can't get much better. We had 27 racers on the weekend ripping it up at Deerfoot Meadows. Prizes ranged from PenguinWine, Penguin books, Penguin chocolate and some cool Peguin etched glass.

Thanks to everyone who helped making food, judging and making it fun and safe for all. This was the first Annual, and I hope it will become a staple of the Alberta slalom season.

We had some new comers, some former National Champions, and lots on the way up in their careers. Everyone raced hard and it showed. I got to be at the finish line for the race and there was plenty of pain during the finish sprint.

Below are the results from Saturday. Congratulations to all, especially those whose first race, on the river, this was. See you back next year!

Name Age Cat Class 1 Best total Percentage

Paul Manning- Hunter Sr K1M 74.9 100
Chris McTaggart Sr K1M 75.9 101.3351
Connor Curson Sr K1M 76.4 102.0027
Toby Roessingh Sr K1M 81.2 108.4112
Matt Frank Sr K1M 87.2 116.4219

Graham Jobe Jr K1M 81.8 109.2123
AJ Cole Jr K1M 96.9 129.3725
Levi Severtson Jr K1M 113.1 151.0013

Idan Wolach Cadet K1M 123.6 165.02
JJ Cadet K1M 139.7 186.5154
Bradan J Cadet K1M 182.7 243.9252
Darius R Cadet K1M 253.8 338.8518
Tate Cadet K1M 322.9 431.1081

Jessica Groenveld Sr K1W 90.7 121.0948
Haley Daniels Sr K1W 93.9 125.3672
Colleen C Sr K1W 378.4 505.2069

Karen Daniels Masters K1W 299.3 399.5995

Marissa Dederer Jr K1W 97.9 130.7076
Roni Wolach Jr K1W 118.8 158.6115

Vince Osbourne Sr C1M 90.4 120.6943
Toby Roessingh Sr C1M 107.3 118.6947
Matt Frank Sr C1M 111.3 148.5981

Hayden Daniels Jr C1M 124.7 166.4887

Chuck Lee Masters C1M 117.9 157.4099

Purcell/Purcell Sr C2 92.7 123.765
Frank/Curson Sr C2 111.5 120.2805
Colleen/Toby Sr C2 176.5 235.6475

Karen/Logan Cadet/Masters C2 278 371.1615
Karen/Kylie Cadet/Masters C2 320 427.2363

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