Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alberta Cup # 1 - Results

The First Alberta Cup of the 2009 season is behind us. It was made a great success by all the volunteers who organized the race and help judge and time. The electronic timing and penalties got its warm up for the Nationals and PanAms held here the August 2009 long weekend. Results were up between runs, adding to the success of the event.

The Alberta Cups are the qualifiers for the 2009 Alberta Team. Below are the results plus your current Alberta Team Standings. Congratulations to all those who made their respective teams! For information on the criteria please visit the ASCK website ASCK coaches and Club coaches can sign off on the skills portion of the C and D teams. If your skills have not been signed off yet, please organize a time to have this done.

The quality of paddling was great to see so close to National Team Trials. With 14 Alberta athletes, and two coaches, going to National Team Trials it looks like it will be a great race. We will keep you posted on progress.

The next Alberta Cup is hosted by Cottonwood June 6,7th. Till then, keep your blades in the water!

Alberta Cup # 1 - Kananaskis AB, May 10, 2009

First Name Last Name Best time Percentage behind class winner (AB Team Percent) Percent Behind fastest Alberta Team Skills signed off by
C1JM Hayden Daniels 274.26 227.9 294.0 D Mike
C1MM Vince Osborne 120.32 100 129.0 A N/A

Chuck Lee 186.75 155.2 200.2 B N/A
K1JM Graham Jobe 101.57 108.9 108.9 A N/A

Adrian Cole 120.5 129.2 129.2 B N/A

Jesse Gillies 169.13 181.3 181.3 C Mike

Levi Severtson 254.2 272.5 272.5 D Mike
K1JW Marissa Dederer 123.99 116.6 132.9 A N/A
K1M Paul Manning 93.3 100 100 A N/A

Chris McTaggart 93.45 100.2 100.2 A N/A

Ben Hayward 94.36 101.1 101.1 A N/A

Connor Curson 98.13 105.2 105.2 A N/A

Toby Roessingh 102.33 109.7 109.7 A N/A

Jon Allen 103.01 110.4 110.4 N/A N/A

Matthew Frank 113.7 121.9 121.9 B N/A

David Manning 121.88 130.6 130.6 B N/A
K1MM Greg Hunter 151.93 162.8 162.8 B N/A
K1W Jessica Groeneveld 106.36 100 114.0 A N/A

Haley Daniels 132.18 124.3 141.7 B N/A

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