Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meadows race series

We have now successfully completed two races in the fall Calgary 'Meadows' race series. So far Toby and Connor each have one win apiece. The handicap will continue to get harder so that everyone has a fair chance at the prize and to push everyone to compete.

  • 60second course, as many tries as you'd like.
  • Best run wins.
  • Each athlete is assessed a handicap with the goal to give everyone a shot at the win.
  • $5 to race. Everyone puts two dollars towards the day's race, two dollars towards gate improvements, and one dollar towards the most improved athlete at the end of the series.
So far we have seen 12 athletes compete in these races, with athletes from as far as Medicine Hat, Edmonton and Canmore. Everyone is eligible to race, in any boat. We will do our best to make you a fair handicap. For directions, email:

See you out soon!

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