Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jessica wins at American Open

Jessica Groenveld, of Innisfail, won last weekend's final World Series race for the season. The event was held at WISP in Maryland, one of North America's newest purpose built whitewater sites. The course is pushy and boily and tests even the most veteran paddlers.

On the flight to WISP Jessica's boat was crushed beyond repair, so she was forced to use her team mates' boats for the race. Luckily fellow HP athlete Anna Williams's boat was similar enough that Jessica's superior whitewater skills prevailed on the final day.

Jess said she was very happy with the race despite the obvious setback. She will use her race winnings to buy a new boat and celebrate Miley Cyrus's birthday in Disneyland.

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Connor said...

Where's the article about me winning the Meadows race! Equally important! Ha! WHEN DO I GET MY MONEY??