Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boulder Run Slalom/Alberta Cup #1

Well, this next weekend will see the return of the Alberta Cup with the first race in Boulder Run, Pincher Creek! Earn points towards the overall Alberta Cup and at the end of the year YOU could be the Champ! (Of course you'll have to beat me too it!) There will be 3 races and the Provincial Champs, so every race is important for victory!

I've never been to Boulder Run, but apparently it is a smaller course with moving water and eddies, ideal for the novice racer to open the season with and get a taste of the whitewater! So all you kids from Cottonwood-- I hope to see you there to get some moving water practice! We will have clinics on Saturday so you can get some practice on the course and hone your whitewater skills. Then you can rip up the race on Sunday! This will be a perfect opportunity to get out in the sun and have some fun and advance your slalom and kayaking abilities!

And for all you more advanced racers, this is going to be a great race, featuring some of the best paddlers in Alberta. Test your skills against members of our National Development team and Junior National team. And I'll be squeezing in some runs and I challenge anyone to take out my times!

Check back soon (Hopefully tomorrow) for all the details-- Schedule, costs, map, camping, etc.

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