Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Alberta Cup #1-- The 2008 "Cyclone Slalom"!

Well for those that came down to the Alberta Cup #1 this past weekend, it was sure an adventurous time! Plus 30 sunburning temperatures on Saturday gave way to a howling hurricane on Sunday making the race a tad bit "challenging"...

Saturday's clinics were, in my opinion, quite successful. For one, the relentless wind miraculously relented! This provided a beautiful day for learning! But the best part was all the new faces that came out to brave paddling slalom on Whitewater! I was very pleased to see Shilo, Ashley, and Courtney come down from Cottonwood. I hope you guys had a good time out there and will be back for more! There were also a number of fresh faces from southern Alberta vying for a spot on their Alberta Summer Games team. Congratulations Rocky, Veronica, and Rebecca.

Come race day it was another story. As you can see in the picture above that Ian Jobe took of me, it was a tiny bit windy out there! I'm looking, up, up, WAAYYYY up because the gates were at times blowing horizontal! Nether-the-less I was pleased to see all the brave souls tackle the course, despite the risk of actually being blown right over!! It turned out not being too bad, and was good practice for paddling in the wind. I was a bit disappointed in our senior paddlers though as they have just decided to concede overall Alberta Cup victory to me by being too scared to show up-- Too Bad- I would have enjoyed whooping you guys in person. Maybe next race, hey losers!?!

Also a huge THANKS to the Cole family for hosting everyone at their lovely castle and sparking up the BBQ for us for some tasty meals! I think everyone had a great time staying together and eating meat and shooting guns and doing a third workout of the day with Dance-Dance-Revolution! Also, thanks to Chuck Lee for hosting Sunday breakfast and for organizing the race, and for building the race course! And thanks to all the parents who braved the hurricane to help judge and time the event. A great time was hopefully had by all!

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