Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2013 Winter Camps Survey

Please fill out the following Survey in order to help us plan the trips:

2012/13 Winter Training Camps

Snow Camp - January 2-6, Canmore

The goals of this camp are fitness and exploration. Based out of the Alpine Club of Canada's Clubhouse we mainly cross country ski in Canmore and Banff, but we have also done things like: go caving, hit up the hot springs, go snowshoeing, hike up mountains or go downhill skiing/snowboarding. The Bell Cabin is perfect for our group as we share meals, play games and learn about each other and the sport. Parents, coaches and families are welcome and free (re. coaching). We usually do a potluck on the Saturday night. The cost will be about $250 for full campaccommodation and food. HP and WTP athletes are free for coaching/looking after, others are $75.

Warm Weather Camp - February 14-24 (+- depending on participants) San Marcos, Texas

San Marcos has an amazing little whitewater park, similar to Harvie Passage. An ex-Olympian has a house on the river to use as a base of operations for a skills based training camp. Last year we did slalom, freestyle, learned to boof a 4ft drop, went over graduation falls (12ft, even AJ's dad did it), chased turtles and did Rocky workouts on the lawn. The site is great of all ages, giving enough technical opportunity for older paddlers, yet easy enough for the novice. If you haven't seen the video, check it out Logistics: Last year everyone flew one way and drove one way. It depends on the number of participants. (10 in 2012). Requires some adult drivers Cost: Depends on mode of transport, but last year it was $850 (Coaching, food, van one way, accom) +$ 300 (one way flight)

Spring Break Camp - March 22-31 or March 30-7 - Chilliwack, BC

This is Alberta's Classic Spring Training camp. I went on my first one in 1995 and it has happened nearly every year since. By late March the Fraser Valley is warming and greening and the river is excellent. The National Team was based there from at least 1985 to 2006, including World Champion David Ford. A Chilliwack camp isn't complete without a hike up Elk Mt and visits to the hot tubs. Cost: about $700 (Coaching, Transport, Accom, Food)

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