Thursday, July 26, 2012

Alberta Cup #3 'Nationals' Rapid, Red Deer River

We had an epic and great slalom race on the 'Nationals' rapid on the Red Deer River July 22nd. Huge respect to everyone who raced on the big water. With the other option for racing for the weekend being Minden, we had to set some tough moves. The resulting course was easily good enough for an international race and would test the best.

40 years ago the National Championships were held in Alberta for the first time and the race was on this site. This race was therefore the 40th Anniversary Race for the the AWA. Much has changed in this time, both on and off the water, but what remains the same is everyone's desire to be outdoors, pushing their limits.

Thank you to all the people who put up and took down the course, and to the timers and judges! Without you we would be able to have such great events!

Check out Paul Manning-Hunter making it look easy on his last run -


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