Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alberta Summer Games - Peace River

As usual the host community put on a great event and were extremely supportive of the Games. A huge thank you to the local volunteers!

51 athletes from across Alberta competed in the Canoe/Kayak events of Polo, Slalom and Downriver. Some great Zone rivalries were re-ignited, yet everyone was very supportive of one another. Many new friendships were born and some long time friends were re-united. Some 150 slalom, polo and downriver boats were brought out by a dozen club coaches who did a great job training and supporting thier athletes.

Three days of setup were required for the different venues and in the end all three worked out great. The biggest challenge was the changing water levels on the Peace River for the Slalom course. When race day came though, the water came up and we were able to host a great event.

Well done to all the athletes who participated. Hope to see all your names on upcoming Alberta Cup races and tournaments!

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