Monday, March 16, 2009

Sundre Pool Slalom & Polo

Great Weekend!

59 people competed in Slalom and Polo competitions on Saturday and Sunday in Sundre. At least half were under 18 and both events ran smoothly. A huge thanks to Keegan and the Sundre Club for organizing the event. Thanks to Cottonwood, AWA, ASCK & individuals for boats, gates and support during the clinics and competitions. Well done Connor and Hayden for your team's win in the polo! Next time...

Chelsey gets help from Christy with a Slalom deck.
Keegan and Scott getting ready to race
Jessica on her way to victory!

Dan and Hayden duel in C1
K1 boys neck in neck
The big boys playing polo
Connor learning how to ref from Jesse
JJ working on some stroke tech on the PaddleOne
Morning clinics in full swing. Watch out for each other!
Slalom Results
Kayak Boys - age under 14 - 1st JJ (Innisfail), 2 Connor Bourgonje (Sundre), 3 Darius Rattan (Innisfail)

Kayak Girls - age under 14 - 1st Chelsey Campkin (Sundre), 2 Katrina Devisser (Sundre), 3 Lissy Methorst (Sundre)

Kayak Mens - 1st Mike Holroyd (Calgary), 2 Connor Curson (Innisfail), Scott Forbes (Edmonton)

Kayak Women - 1st Jessica Groenveld (Innisfail), 2 Kristina O'brien (Edmonton), 3 Marissa Dererer (Calgary)

Canoe Single Men - 1st Thomas Purcell (Innisfail), 2 Daniel Purcell (Innisfail), 3 Hayden Daniels (Calgary)

Canoe Single Women - 1st Jessica Groenveld (Innisfail), 2 Ashley Cunningham (Innisfail), 3 Hannah Gillies (Innisfail)

Canoe Double - 1st Thomas & Daniel Purcell (Innisfail), 2 Mike Holroyd & Connor Curson (Calgary/Innisfail) 3 Keegan Smith & Richard Allen (Sundre/Edmonton)

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